Photography at Studio Iconix

In the heart of the fashion district in downtown Los Angeles, Studio Iconix is located inside the CMC. The facility offers, 24/7 security, covered parking, and easy access to loading docks. The photo studio is 37'X26' with an 11' ceiling height. There is an adjacent prep/make-up area that is 12'X16' which can also be used for a separate shooting set-up.

 Lighting Packages

When you think about it; the best thing a photo studio can offer you is complete flexibility. Studio Iconix has in house packages to suit your shooting style and your project. And of, course if we don't have what you need, it's always just a phone call away.


Fluorescent Lighting

Two RoloLight Softbox 

Lowel Caselite 4 daylight

Lowel Ego 

Two Iconix 48" ArtLights

Two Calumet Floods


Tungsten Lighting

Arri 1K Kit: Three 1K Fresnels,  1K Focusing Flood with SoftBox - barn doors, scrims, and stands.

Arri Fresnel: 650 Fresnel, 300 Fresnel , 150 Fresnel - barn doors, scrims, and stands.

Mole Richardson Kit:  1K Nook, 1K Focusing Flood Light, with stands.


Strobe Lighting

Dynalite 2000XL, 2000 Watt Sec

Dynalite SH4040 bi-tube head

Dynalite SH2000 studio head

Dynalite MH2015 travel heads

Light Modifiers

Softboxes: 24x32 white, 24x32 silver, 24x32 cookie, large, medium and small  strips,  XS softbox | Umbrellas: two silver umbrellas,  two 21" beauty dishes, 75" parabolic umbrella | Panels :42x78 diffusion panel, 42x78 silver+white panel, 4x4' diffusion panel, 6x6' diffusion panel, 6x6' gold reflector panel | Grip: various C-stands, medium rollers, flags/nets, fingers/dots, articulating arms, clamps, apple boxes, sandbags, etc.