Rohitash Rao was in the studio last week signing his new Sugar 100 edition print Smoking Drinking Bird. The print just dropped today and you can get it for 20% off for the next 24 hours at Sugar.Press

Smoking Drinking Bird is printed on 100% recycled paper made from a blend of bagasse (sugar cane) and cotton fibers. We call it Sugar Paper, but its real name is Pura Bagassee. The base substrate is made by the legendary German paper mill Hahnemühle, among the oldest and most respected mills on the planet.  And the coating was developed by the mad paper scientists at Breathing Color based in Austin, TX., also among the best in the paper industry. This is the first recycled paper I have been willing to use for fine art. It's a game changer!

Tech Alert:

Pura Bagassee is acid and lignin-free. It has a bright white OBA-free matte coating, and comes in smooth and textured finishes.  It's dimensionally stable and has a remarkable ink load capacity.  

320 gsm | Caliper 20 mil | Opacity 96% | CIE Color 95.07 | Print Permanence: approved by the European Fine Art Trade Guild